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Comprehensive Performance Analysis of AISI T5 High Speed Steel

T5 steel is an important tungsten-based material with high cobalt and high vanadium, it has many excellent properties and is widely used in cutting tool manufacturing and industrial fields, providing reliable support for production and manufacturing. The comprehensive performance of AISI T5 high speed steel determines its quality and application fields, so this article will give you a comprehensive analysis of the main properties of T5 high-speed steel supplied by Songshun, so as to better utilize its advantages.

Red Hardness and High Temperature Hardness

AISI T5 high speed steel has excellent hardness. Its red hardness, high-temperature hardness and wear resistance are higher than those of W18Cr4VCo5 steel. After quenching, the surface hardness can reach more than 63HRC, which can maintain the cutting sharpness of the product and is suitable for applications that require high cutting accuracy occasion. It is also used as a tool for working under complex conditions (heavy load) when processing materials with hardness above 400HB.

Wear Resistance

High-speed tool steel T5 material has good wear resistance. Through reasonable alloy design and special heat treatment process, it forms a dense edge structure and uniform carbide distribution, thus improving its wear resistance. Making it resistant to common wear and tear, it can withstand considerable pressure and friction, extending the service life of the product and improving production efficiency.

Fatigue Resistance

It can maintain stable performance in a long-term and complex working environment, is not prone to fatigue failure, and can withstand the stress caused by repeated use, thereby reducing tool breakage and failure and extending the service life of the tool.

High Temperature Resistance

Under high temperature working conditions, AISI T5 high-speed steel exhibits excellent performance, can maintain stable performance, has small thermal deformation, is not easy to soften and lose cutting performance, and also helps to improve its fatigue resistance. It is suitable for cutting and mold manufacturing at high temperatures.


ASTM T5 steel has high tensile strength and yield strength and can withstand large tensile and compressive loads, allowing it to perform excellently under heavy loads and impacts. With its high strength and lightweight characteristics, it can improve the vehicle’s handling performance, fuel economy and safety performance, and has high application value in automobiles, construction and other fields.

Processing and Cutting Performance

The ease of processing and excellent cutting performance of AISI T5 high-speed steel make it widely used in the manufacturing of tools, molds, and cutting tools. It is convenient for cutting, milling, and other machining operations, and can provide stable and efficient machining operations during high-speed cutting, effectively improving cutting efficiency and machining accuracy, reducing machining time and cost, and is suitable for processing various complex shaped workpieces and manufacturing precision parts. Moreover, the frictional heat generated during the cutting process of T5 steel is relatively low, which is beneficial for controlling the cutting temperature, reducing the risk of tool wear and material deterioration.

Taken together, the AISI T5 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel has multiple excellent properties. And in addition to the main performance points mentioned above, the T5 high speed steel we supply also has good heat treatment performance, weldability, corrosion resistance, stability, malleability, tempering softening resistance, and microstructure without segregation, etc. In the future, with continuous innovation and technological development, T5 steel can demonstrate more outstanding comprehensive performance in multiple industries.


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