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Research On The Application Fields Of AISI T15 High Speed Steel

T15 steel is a high-quality high-speed steel material made of tungsten and high vanadium. It has excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties, including excellent hot hardness, machinability, wear resistance, stability and heat resistance, etc. Nowadays, in modern industrial production, many fields have increasingly higher requirements for material performance. AISI T15 high speed steel has become one of the materials of choice for engineers and manufacturers in many industries due to its unique and excellent properties. Songshun specializes in exporting T15 steel to various countries, understands the application needs of many companies and merchants, and provides them with one-stop solutions and strong support. Through our summary and experience, this article will take you to explore more applications and fields of AISI T15 high speed steel.

Knife Manufacturing

AISI T15 high speed steel has an excellent chemical composition, making its wear resistance about 5-7 times that of traditional high-speed steel, and it also has good hot hardness. Therefore, tools made of T15 high-speed steel not only maintain stable cutting performance during high-speed cutting, are not prone to deformation or damage, and are not easy to wear, extending the service life of the tool, they can also maintain stable performance in high-speed cutting environments. It performs outstandingly in heavy-duty cutting, effectively improving the processing efficiency and quality of the tool.

T15 steel is often used to manufacture various hobbing cutters, turning tools, broaches, planers, machine tools, milling cutters, gear sharpeners, thread cutters, blades, forming tools, hobs, lathe tools and for processing high hardness materials and special knives for wear-resistant materials and more.

Mold Making

In this field, AISI T15 high speed steel is very suitable for manufacturing these high-demand molds. It can meet the different processing needs of the mold, can withstand high temperatures and resist large impact loads, is not easy to be worn, and can also ensure that the mold has a long life and stable processing performance.

High speed steel T15 is mainly used to manufacture plastic molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds, cold work molds, hot work molds, hot extrusion molds, upsetting dies, wear-resistant molds and mold parts, etc.

Aerospace Field

The application of material ASTM T15 steel in this field cannot be underestimated. Its characteristics can meet the high requirements for manufacturing aircraft parts and ensure high-quality processing of parts.

AISI T15 high speed steel is the preferred material for high-temperature alloy turbine spiral disc broaches in the aviation industry. It is also used to manufacture various aircraft engine parts, turbine blades, spacecraft structural components and other components with high temperature and high strength requirements.

Automotive Field

In the field of automobile manufacturing, SAE T15 steel performs well in manufacturing and processing high hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, and can meet the material performance requirements for manufacturing automobile parts.

It is mainly used to manufacture automotive sheet metal parts, process engine parts, steering system parts, transmission system parts, engine parts, automotive gears, bearings, pistons, etc.

Tool Making

In this field, various tools made of AISI T15 high speed steel are able to achieve high-efficiency cutting during use and maintain their stability and long life.

T15 steel is often used to manufacture taps, drill bits, blanking tools, punches, twist anchors, tapping, boring tools, thermal positioning components, forming tools, etc.

In general, AISI T15 high speed steel has been widely used in the above fields and plays an important role due to its unique properties. In addition, T15 is also used in electronic equipment manufacturing, machining, medical device manufacturing, etc. At Songshun Steel, we supply high-quality T15 high speed steel in various specifications. We will continue to improve its performance and quality according to the changing market and the needs of industrial development. Its application areas will also continue to expand to play its greatest role.


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