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AISI P20+S Steel Nitriding Treatment Process

Nitriding treatment is a common surface treatment method and also a heat treatment process. After AISI P20+S steel is nitrided, it can not only solve the problems of easy rust and corrosion, but also improve its hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, etc., and create a unique surface textures, bringing a beautiful and unique appearance.

The nitriding treatment of AISI P20+S involves placing P20+S steel in a nitriding medium to introduce nitrogen elements on its surface, and then interacting with carbon elements in the steel to form a nitride layer under high temperature and high nitrogen concentration conditions. There are several methods of nitriding treatment, usually using gas nitriding, salt bath nitriding, and ion nitriding for P20S.

1. Gas Nitriding

The gas nitriding of AISI P20+S steel is to put the nitriding gas into the steel heating furnace, decompose the nitrogen gas at high temperature, release the active nitrogen atoms, and then penetrate into the steel surface to undergo a chemical reaction to form a nitride layer.

This method can be carried out at low temperature, which can effectively avoid deformation and quality problems of steel parts. Because P20+S steel has various specifications, it is necessary to pay attention to the time and temperature of nitriding reaction during gas nitriding. Generally speaking, longer nitriding time can obtain deeper nitrided layer, and higher A higher nitriding temperature usually increases the nitriding rate.

2. Salt Bath Nitriding

This method is to put the cleaned AISI P20+S steel into a molten salt bath containing nitride salt for heating. The salt bath furnace is usually a mixture of nitriding salts and fluxes, with a high temperature, and then forming a nitriding layer on the steel surface at high temperatures.

Usually, salt bath nitriding is carried out at a higher temperature, which will increase the nitriding speed and hardness, and can obtain a higher depth of nitriding layer, but it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the concentration of ammonia, time and temperature.

3.Ion Nitriding

The ion nitriding treatment method is to place AISI P20+S steel in a vacuum chamber with a high degree of vacuum to ensure that oxidation reactions are avoided during the nitriding process, and then by adding nitrogen plasma at high temperature, apply a high voltage or high frequency electric field to release nitrogen atoms from the nitrogen source, hit and infiltrate the steel surface to form a nitride layer.

The method can be performed at low temperatures because the ion bombardment provides enough energy for the nitrogen atoms to penetrate the steel surface. However, it should be noted that the ion nitriding treatment of P20+S steel only changes the properties of the steel surface and has no effect on the internal structure. Therefore, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to the specific situation during the application process.

No matter which nitriding treatment method is used, the nitride layer formed in this process can significantly improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of DIN 1.2312 / AISI P20+S steel, making it able to Better resistance to problems such as wear, corrosion and high temperature deformation, extending service life.

It is worth noting that different materials and treatment requirements may vary, and nitriding treatment may make the steel brittle. Therefore, when conducting nitriding treatment for P20+S steel, it is necessary to pay attention to and control the temperature, time, atmosphere, nitrogen concentration and other parameters of nitriding treatment to ensure stability and consistency of the treatment effect, in order to achieve the best treatment effect and obtain better AISI P20+S steel.

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