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AISI M48 High Speed Steel: Multiple Excellent Properties

M48 steel is a Mo-W series high-speed tool steel with wide application potential. It has an excellent chemical composition ratio that helps to obtain and enhance its multiple properties. AISI M48 high speed steel is widely used in various fields due to its excellent performance. Therefore, we at Songshun Steel continue to improve the quality of M48 high speed steel and provide higher-performance and high-quality steel to all walks of life. The following will take you through the main properties of the AISI M48 high-speed steel we supply.

High Strength

AISI M48 high speed steel has high yield strength and tensile strength, giving it excellent elastic properties. And the added manganese element helps enhance the strength of the m48 material, allowing it to withstand larger loads without plastic deformation or damage within a certain range. After a special heat treatment process, M48 high-speed steel can obtain higher strength, so that armor made of M48 can withstand more powerful fire attacks without penetrating.

Good Toughness

The silicon element of HSS M48 accounts for 015% to 0.40%, which helps to improve the toughness of steel, making it have better toughness and impact resistance. It can effectively resist impact and vibration in complex manufacturing and processing environments without breaking easily. It can effectively prevent the tool from breaking during the cutting process, which provides greater safety and reliability for the use of the product.

High Hardness

M48 material contains a high content of molybdenum and tungsten elements, which together improve the hardness (high-temperature hardness) and red hardness of steel. After appropriate heat treatment, AISI M48 high-speed steel can achieve a high level of hardness, resist wear and deformation, and improve machining accuracy. It is suitable for workpiece materials with various hardness.

Carbide Particles Are Fine And Uniform

AISI M48 high speed steel can form a stable structure at grain boundaries, within grains or in the structure, effectively preventing the growth and movement of grains. It usually contains dense, uniform and fine carbide particles, which plays a great role in improving its performance.

Excellent Wear Resistance

After undergoing heat and surface treatments, M48 hss generates a robust surface hardening layer with exceptional hardness, endowing it with outstanding wear resistance. It ensures consistent cutting quality under prolonged heavy loads and cutting processes, resists friction and wear during cutting operations, and prolongs the product’s lifespan. This makes it the material of choice for applications characterized by formidable processing challenges and stringent tool wear resistance standards.

Good Weldability

Generally, with appropriate welding procedures and measures, AISI M48 high speed steel can achieve good welding. Although it has good welding performance, you still need to be careful during the welding process.

Easy To Process

SAE M48 steel has excellent cutting performance due to its excellent hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance. It is suitable for various mechanical processing and heating treatments. It can perform drilling, bending, surface grinding and other processing operations as needed. It can cut various metal materials efficiently and accurately, improving processing efficiency, precision and product quality.

In addition to the above properties, AISI M48 high speed steel also has excellent heat resistance, good elasticity resistance, high sensitivity, good corrosion resistance, good stability and other properties. By understanding the performance of the M48 high speed steel provided by Songshun, we can play its best role and bring higher production efficiency and processing quality to enterprises and manufacturers.


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