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AISI M4 High Speed Steel: Analysis of Excellent Performance

AISI M4 high speed steel is a high-quality material containing high manganese, high chromium, and high tungsten. It increases the carbon and vanadium content on the basis of M2, and has more excellent mechanical, physical, and chemical properties, performing well in multiple fields. M4 high-speed steel, with its excellent performance, provides important support for improving production efficiency and product quality in multiple industries. This article will take you on a tour of the multiple outstanding properties of AISI M4 high speed steel.

High Hardness

M4 steel has a higher carbon content than m1 steel and m2 steel, giving it ultra-high hardness, high temperature hardness and red hardness, and can reach a hardness level of 62-66 HRC. This enables AISI M4 high speed steel to cope with workpiece materials of various hardnesses, maintain the sharpness of the tool during high-speed cutting, improve cutting efficiency, and extend the service life of the product.

Wear Resistance

AISI M4 high speed steel has excellent wear resistance and can maintain the cutting quality of the product during long-term heavy-load and high-speed cutting operations, extending the service life of the product. And for drilling materials with higher hardness, its excellent wear resistance ensures efficient drilling operations. This makes it the first choice material for occasions where processing is difficult and the wear resistance of tools is required.

Cutting Performance

Because after proper heat treatment, m4 material can obtain high hardness, allowing it to exhibit excellent cutting performance when manufacturing and processing products. It is suitable for cutting of various metal materials, can meet the needs of high-speed cutting, and improves the processing efficiency and durability of the product.

Heat Resistance

AISI M4 high speed steel can still maintain good performance in high-temperature environments and can be used for a long time under high-temperature conditions above 800°C without significant softening or degradation of the structure and properties. It has excellent high-temperature resistance and thermal stability. Stable and suitable for high temperature resistant processing environments.

Toughness and Impact Resistance

A high proportion of carbon and vanadium is added to high-speed steel m4, and the use of powder metallurgy can improve the toughness of the steel. Therefore, compared with traditional high-speed steel, m4 has higher toughness and impact resistance. It can withstand shock and vibration in complex processing environments without breaking easily, which provides greater safety for product use.

Carbide Uniformity

The carbide distribution of SAE M4 steel is extremely uniform, and its carbide inhomogeneity is usually small, which helps to reduce the deformation caused by the heat treatment of m4 hhs and can improve its performance, thereby extending its service life.

To sum up, AISI M4 high-speed steel is a versatile and high-quality material. In addition to the above main outstanding properties, it also has small heat treatment deformation, fine grains, good oxidation resistance and plastic deformation resistance, etc. Moreover, M4 steel has been favored and chosen by many manufacturers for its excellent performance. Therefore, we at Songshun Steel are committed to providing high-quality M4 high speed steel, providing customers with a strong guarantee.


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