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AISI M2: The Ideal Steel For Quality Knives

M2 steel is a common high-performance molybdenum based cutting tool steel that can be heat treated up to 70HRC. It has advantages such as low carbide heterogeneity, excellent thermal (red) hardness, good wear resistance, and high toughness. These advantages make aisi m2 widely used in the manufacturing of cutting tools for difficult to cut materials. This article will provide a detailed introduction to why m2 high-speed steel is one of the ideal materials for creating various cutting tools.

Advantages of Using AISI M2 to Manufacture Cutting Tools

1.Hardness is an important indicator for measuring the quality of cutting tools. AISI m2 has a higher hardness, and cutting tools with higher hardness are more wear-resistant. Moreover, compared with other steels, AISI M2 steel has a longer blade retention time, allowing its manufactured tools to maintain sharpness for a longer period of time during use, reducing the need for routine maintenance and frequent grinding, and providing better cutting effects, making the tools more efficient in various machining processes. Make it suitable for situations with high requirements for tool hardness.

2.High-speed steel m2 has a high advantage in toughness. It can maintain high hardness and wear resistance while also having high toughness, making it better resistant to impact and vibration. Toughness is crucial for cutting tools because they are often subjected to large impact forces during cutting, cutting or other machining processes. Therefore, tools made with aisi m2 are more durable and stable during use, ensuring their functionality, quality and production efficiency.

3.AISI m2 is not only easy to machine and has good cutting performance, but also has excellent wear resistance. Therefore, m2 hss not only facilitates the production of various complex tool shapes, but also has excellent wear resistance when cutting and processing various materials, allowing the tool to remain sharp for a longer time, reducing the frequency of tool replacement, and improving production efficiency.

4.It also has good heat resistance and stability, which can ensure that the manufactured cutting tools can maintain their stable performance in intensive use, harsh, high-speed cutting, and high temperature environments, keeping the cutting edge unchanged and not easy to soften or lose hardness, thereby extending the service life of the tools and ensuring the quality of cutting processing.

5.In addition, aisi m2 also has good corrosion resistance, making its performance in humid environments very reliable, so it has more advantages when used in kitchen knives, medical instruments, etc. that require long-term contact with water or other liquids.

In addition to the above points, hss m2 also has high hardenability, good heat treatability, good plasticity, etc. With these properties, aisi m2 has become one of the ideal choices for tool manufacturers and users.

Applications of AISI M2 Knives

M2 steel is generally suitable for manufacturing various turning tools, broaches, milling cutters, gear cutters, chef’s knives, kitchen knives, reamers, end mills, precision instrument blades, planers, saw blades, hobbing cutters, forming tools, and machine tools Blades, scalpels, medical scissors, mold cutters, industrial knives and other high-speed cutting tools.

Overall, aisi m2 performs well in making knives, and its excellent properties make it one of the materials of choice for many knife manufacturers and users. At Songshun, we have specialized in providing aisi m2 steel for more than ten years. We can ensure the high quality of knives made with our steel, effectively improve the service life and production efficiency of the knives, and bringing greater convenience and benefits to customers’ industrial production or projects.


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