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AISI M2 Steel: Performance You Must Know

M2 high-speed steel is a high-quality powder steel with a high content of alloy elements, which is often used to manufacture various knives, tools, molds, etc. And in many fields, aisi m2 steel has become one of the preferred materials in these industries because of its excellent performance. This article will explore the multiple properties of m2 steel to better play its role.

High Hardness and Hot Hardness

AISI m2 steel’s high content of alloy elements gives it ultra-high hardness and thermal hardness. When the cutting temperature reaches 650°C, the hardness can still remain above 60HRC, making it easy to cope with various high-speed applications in tool manufacturing and metal processing cutting conditions, and can maintain the stability of the product and effectively extend the service life.

Excellent Wear Resistance

In an environment of friction and wear, aisi m2 steel has excellent wear resistance due to the interaction of multiple alloy elements, can resist wear and maintain efficient working conditions for a long time, greatly extending the service life, and its high Wear resistance enables it to reduce the risk of wear and edge fracture during the cutting process, providing reliable protection for production.

Good Heat Resistance

In high-temperature environments, m2 steel has good anti-tempering stability, can maintain stable performance, is not easy to deform and fail, and is suitable for various high-temperature cutting and processing applications.

Easy to Heat Treat and Process

High-speed steel m2 is easy to control the quenching heating temperature, and its properties can be adjusted through the heat treatment process. It is also easy to perform various processing, has high cutting performance during the cutting process, can effectively improve production efficiency, and can be easily made into various complex tool and mold shapes to meet the processing needs of various complex parts.

Good Toughness and Ductility

Material aisi m2 steel When tempered, it can reduce internal stress and improve its toughness and ductility. It maintains good shape and dimensional stability when subjected to pressure and tension, and is not easily broken or deformed. This makes it highly valuable when parts need to withstand large amounts of stress and deformation.

High Strength

The alloying elements such as chromium and molybdenum in SAE M2 steel can improve the hardenability and tempering stability of the steel, thereby increasing the strength of the steel. And the heat treatment process can change the microstructure of m2 steel, form fine grains, and improve the strength of the steel. Its strength is as high as 1300-1600MPa, which makes it perform well when withstanding heavy pressure and high-intensity impact.

In addition, aisi m2 steel also has high bending strength, good corrosion resistance, impact and vibration resistance, etc. Its high performance is not limited to this, making m2 steel able to meet various requirements in many fields and becoming one of the indispensable materials in various fields. At Songshun Steel, we provide high-quality and high-performance m2 high-speed steel. We will continue to improve technology in the future, and the performance of m2 materials will continue to improve, providing strong support to customers and the market.


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