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AISI M1 High Speed Steel: Multiple Areas Of Application

AISI M1 High Speed Steel:

Multiple Areas Of Application

AISI M1 high speed steel is an American standard molybdenum-based general-purpose material with excellent cutting performance, grinding performance, hardness, thermal stability, strength, etc. Nowadays, with the continuous development of modernization process and technology, the application fields of M1 high speed steel will become more and more extensive, and it will play an important role in various industries, providing efficient solutions. Songshun Steel has understood customers’ specific projects and fields of m1 steel applications over the years and has provided strong support. This article will take you to explore the specific applications and fields of AISI M1 high speed steel.

Mold Manufacturing Field

AISI M1 high speed steel can meet the performance requirements that molds need to have, making it one of the ideal materials for mold manufacturing. Using M1 high-speed steel to manufacture molds can ensure the stability and durability of the mold during complex processing, and can also withstand high pressure and high impact loads, extending the service life of the mold.

Because ASTM M1 steel has excellent wear resistance and toughness, it is often used to manufacture stamping dies for mass production. It is also used to manufacture various plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, stretching molds, die-casting molds, high-performance IC molds, bending molds, punch molds, deep drawing molds, screw molds, cold and warm forging molds, mold parts, etc.

Cutting Tool Manufacturing Field

Compared with m2 steel, m1 steel has better hardness and machinability, so AISI M1 high-speed steel is usually used to manufacture various high-speed tools and cutting tools that require red hardness. It can ensure that the tool can maintain tool sharpness and wear resistance for a long time, improving processing efficiency and product quality.

It is used to manufacture gear planers, milling cutters, hot shearing cutters, turning tools, broaching tools, blades, reamers, high-end cutting tools, aluminum alloy processing tools, forming tools, hobs, lathe tools, turning and stripping tools, etc.

Medical Field

AISI M1 high speed steel has excellent mechanical properties, good biocompatibility and toughness, which can ensure the safety, effectiveness and durability of manufactured medical parts, tools or equipment, etc.

High-speed steel m1 is used to manufacture scalpels, saw blades, endoscopic surgical instruments, high-frequency electric knife handles, pliers, dental drill bits, dental tweezers, bone drills and various types of needles, etc.

Tool Manufacturing Field

In this field, SAE M1 steel can meet the requirements of many tools and ensure the quality of the manufactured tools. Usually it is used to make cutting bearings, gears, drill bits, saw blades, precision instruments, engine parts, keys, excavator teeth, pins, axles, swing bars, grinders, bearings, cold rolls, taps, scissors, valves and other parts and tools.

Electronic Field

AISI M1 high speed steel can be used in cutting, engraving and drilling processes in this field to ensure the dimensional accuracy, quality and performance of electronic devices. It is mainly used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, magnetoresistive random access memories, electronic precision parts, magnetrons, diodes, etc.

M1 materials are also used in machinery manufacturing, thermal processing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mining industry and other fields. In short, AISI M1 high speed steel has a wide range of applications and has become an indispensable material in many industrial fields. We Songshun Steel specializes in supply m1 high speed steel, providing the best price and quality, and providing strong support for procurement in all walks of life.


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