AISI 5120 Steel Coil, JIS SCr420, DIN 20Cr4

5120 steel coil is a low carbon, low alloy chromium, molybdenum, nickel case hardened alloy steel coil. It also is called GB 20Cr, DIN 20Cr4 and JIS SCr420 steel. It is formed into rolls by hot pressing and cold pressing, and has good wear resistance, weldability and toughness. It is widely used in the world. Good machinability under high temperature normalizing or quenching and tempering conditions.5120 steel composition and more information are as below.

AISI 5120 Steel Coil Supply Range
Coil/Sheet/PlateAccording to customer requirements

5120 Steel Coil Grade Equivalent Chart

StandardASTM A1031EN 10084-1998JIS G 4104-1979

5120 Steel Coil Chemical Composition

GradeC (%)Mn(%)P(%)S (%)Si (%)Cr (%)Ni(%)Cu(%)
51200.18-0.240.50-0.80 ≤0.035 ≤0.0350.17-0.370.70-1.00≤0.030≤0.030

5120 Steel Coil Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesMetricImperial
Density7.85 g/cc0.284 lb/in³

20Cr4 Steel Coil Mechanical Properties

Mechanical PropertiesMetricImperial
Tensile Strength, Ultimate1020 MPa148000 psi
Yield strength848 MPa123000 psi
Bulk modulus(typical for steel)160 GPa23200 ksi
Shear modulus(typical for steel)80.0 GPa11600 ksi
Elongation at Break14% 14%
Poisson’s ratio0.290.29
Modulus of Elasticity205 GPa29700 ksi
Hardness, Brinell311311
Hardness, Knoop(converted from Brinell hardness)338338
Hardness, Rockwell B(converted from Brinell hardness)9999
Hardness, Rockwell C(converted from Brinell hardness. Value below normal HRC range, for comparison purposes only)3434
Hardness, Vickers(converted from Brinell hardness)329329

ASTM 5120 Steel Coil Application

Generally used in boilers, containers, flanges, ship plates, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and construction machinery and equipment, etc., and also used to manufacture carburized parts with high core strength requirements.

AISI 5120 Steel Coil Characteristics

1. It is a low alloy steel coil containing chromium, molybdenum and nickel.
2. Good toughness, good weldability, high strength and hardenability, and excellent comprehensive physical properties.
3. Due to its excellent versatility and practicality, it is widely used in the industry.
4. Compared to hot rolled steel sheet, steel coil is thinner and therefore lighter, and is an ideal material for applications requiring weight reduction.
5. Due to the high surface hardness after hardening, it has good wear resistance.
6. Excellent resistance to oxide pitting and crevice corrosion cracking.

5120 Steel Heat Treatment

Annealing: This alloy is seldom annealed. Structures of better machinability are developed by normalizing or by isothermal transformation after forging.
Normalizing: 1650-1700ºF (900-930ºC.)
Carburizing: 1650-1740ºF (900-950ºC) and oil quench.
Hardening: Core: 1560-1620ºF (850-880ºC) and oil quench.
Tempering: 340-410ºF (170-210ºC.)
Machinability: The alloy is best machined in the normalized condition prior to case hardening.
Weldability: The alloy is easily welded, but should be welded prior to case hardening.

5120 Steel Coil Supply

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