Songshun Steel Culture

It’s about more than just great benefits.

It’s a way of life built on our core values.

It’s in our heart to push us to get better.


Company Culture

A good company is responsive to customers’ needs, builds a community, and earns brand loyalty.We always try our best to serve you to make you feel that you are earned more rather than bought.Not just about the products, is more about the service and value.

Here at Songshun, we believe

You Get What You Pay for.


Goal Pursued

Establish long-term cooperative and friendly relations with more customers from all over the world to achieve a win-win situation;
Become a world-class steel manufacturer and supplier, in a leading position in the world;
To provide our customers with more high-quality products, services and solutions.


Social Responsibilities And Obligations


Quality And Attitude


Fortunately, steel has brought us together. We always are grateful to make the cooperation be more harmonious, and achieve a win-win result.

Stay Smile

In China, people say: what a joy it is to have friends coming from afar.Keep smiling to everyone, you will get the same respect.

Hard work

If we meet difficulties, we will not draw back. actively find answers and help, solve problems for customers, and provide the best service. We truly believe: How much you pay, how much will you get.


Do everything well with your heart, complete every project with your heart, and treat every customer with your heart.


Cooperate with everyone with a sincere attitude, be honest and trustworthy, everything promised will be realized, no cheating or lying.


Pursue continuous innovation and improvement in each business, keep working hard, and make a little progress every day.