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Why choose 4140 material steel for delivery in annealed state?

ASTM 4140 material is a commonly used alloy steel with multifunctionality. Its excellent performance is mainly obtained through multiple heat treatment processes. Especially after annealing process, the performance of 4140 material steel is significantly enhanced, which is conducive to being applied to various fields, and is more conducive to steel stockists, wholesalers or distributors to store 4140 steel to promote business. Moreover, through Songshun’s experience in providing 4140 materials for many years, it is concluded that 90% of customers choose to purchase 4140 annealed steel. So, why choose 4140 material steel to be delivered in annealed state? Let’s take a closer look.

What Improvements Does the Annealing State Bring to the Internal Structure of 4140 Steel?

After annealing the 4140 material, the internal structure changes, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress in the steel and refine the grain structure of the steel, improve the defects inside the material, and make its internal structure more uniform and stable. This is conducive to preparing the organization and performance for the subsequent process, which is especially important for mechanical parts that require high precision and high reliability.

If annealing is not performed, the steel may be easily deformed or cracked during subsequent processing and use, affecting its processing quality and service life.

Outstanding Advantages: Multifunctionality and Excellent Performance

After perfect and appropriate annealing treatment, 4140 material steel has obtained more and better performance. Mainly manifested in the following points:

1. Improved toughness and plasticity, making it less prone to deformation and fracture, and better able to withstand external shocks, vibrations and loads, creating favorable conditions for subsequent processing and use.

2. Better processability and formability make 4140 easier to process, and can better meet the needs of various processing techniques, including cutting, welding, cutting, polishing, grinding, drilling, etc. And it can maintain high stability and consistency, ensuring processing efficiency and material size and quality.

3.Improved durability. In the annealed state, the 4140 material steel structure is more uniform and stable, which is conducive to extending its service life and making it more durable.

Optimal Hardness and Performance: Beneficial for Applications in Multiple Fields

After annealing, 4140 alloy steel reduces its excessive hardness, making its hardness and performance reach the best level, making 4140 material steel more conducive to being used in automobiles, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, etc., making it very suitable for machining, machine parts manufacturing, high-strength forging manufacturing, gear manufacturing, machine tool and tool manufacturing, etc. 4140 annealed steel performs well in many industries and has become one of their preferred materials.

Customer Feedback: Songshun's Preferred 4140 Steel Supplier

We have collected feedback from several long-term machinery manufacturer customers, including Johnson from Invest Cast Inc and Murtaza from Precision Machining Solutions, Inc. The following are the main reasons why they have long cooperated with Songshun:

  • High quality: Songshun can meet customers’ needs by delivering 4140 in the best annealed state, and promises to guarantee the quality and precision of steel, so that manufacturers who have long cooperated with us can improve their production efficiency and product quality and performance, etc., which is beneficial to their cost-effectiveness.
  • Meet customer needs: We have a large warehouse, always ready with various specifications and types of 4140 material steel, and also support customization, processing and customization services. And can deliver in heat-treated (normalizing, annealing or high-temperature tempering) or non-heat-treated state. Songshun is committed to meeting the various needs of customers and improving customer satisfaction. Therefore, Johnson and Murtaza said that they are very efficient and satisfied with our cooperation.
  • Reputation and support: Songshun has received inquiries from many well-known manufacturers, stockists or distributors around the world, and is also honored to have a win-win cooperation relationship with many companies. They are very satisfied with our products and services, and we are constantly improving, providing more technical support and better steel, thus winning their trust.

In conclusion, 4140 steel delivered in annealed state is an excellent choice for many manufacturing and industrial purposes. Its excellent performance after annealing, coupled with Songshun’s assurance of steel quality and excellent service, makes it one of the best materials for your manufacturing products or stockpiling. Songshun has many advantages and can provide high-quality steel to meet your needs. It is your preferred excellent 4140 material supplier, allowing you to repurchase with satisfaction.


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