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Looking For High Quality 4130 Tubing Suppliers

4130 steel pipes are a commonly used high -quality alloy structural pipe, which has excellent strength and corrosion resistance, so projects in many fields are widely used. Does your project need a high -quality 4130 pipe? If you need to find high quality 4130 tubing suppliers, then choosing Songshun will be the best partner that meets you. This article will tell the characteristics and applications of the 4130 pipes provided by our Songshun Steel, as well as the advantages of choosing us, which is also an important factor in finding trusted 4130 tubing suppliers.

4130 Tube Characteristics

Understanding the material characteristics provided by the 4130 tubing suppliers are an important factor in ensuring product performance and quality. The following are some of the main characteristics of 4130 steel pipes:

  • High intensity and high hardness
  • High pressure high temperature
  • Good welding and plasticity
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good wear resistance and machinability

4130 Pipe Application

As one of the professional 4130 tubing suppliers, Songshun will first understand what projects the customer needs to purchase 4130 pipes for, so as to better provide professional advice and ensure the smooth and perfect completion of the project. The following are some of the main application areas of 4130 pipes:

1. Automobile Field
4130 pipes are widely used in the suspension system, body frame, chassis, exhaust system and other components of automobiles.

2. Bicycle Manufacturing Industry
The steel is usually used to make high -end bicycle frameworks. It has high strength and rigidity, making the bicycle stronger and durable, and has a good shock absorption effect.

3. The Field Of Aerospace
In this field, it is often used in key components in manufacturing aircraft structures, including landing gear, engine parts, wings, support structures, etc.

4. Chemical Industry
4130 pipes are used in the mining, transportation and processing system of oil, natural gas and chemicals, and are suitable for the manufacturing of oil well pipelines, pipeline connections and oil and gas equipment.

5. Sports Equipment Manufacturing
In this field, it is widely used in the manufacturing of sports equipment, such as fitness equipment, skateboarding and motorcycles. Its high strength and durability enable these equipment to withstand greater power and impact.

The Advantage Of Choosing Songshun Steel

As one of the high -quality 4130 tubing suppliers in China, Songshun exported 4130 steel pipes to various types of 4130 steel pipes to more than 30 countries including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

In terms of products, we provide a variety of specifications, sizes, and types of 4130 pipes to ensure that the provided steel pipes meet international standards and specifications, have a comprehensive quality control system, and require relevant quality certification documents. Various customization and processing services are also supported, and surface treatment includes black, rough processing, peeling, turning, or according to given requirements.

In terms of supply capacity, many 4130 tubing suppliers lack inventory, and we have large warehouses with large warehouses, sufficient inventory, fast turnover time, can be delivered quickly. The more discounts per ton, the greater the discounts per ton.

In other respects, we are committed to providing first -class products, excellent customer service, professional technical support, and competitive prices to ensure that it meets your needs for all pipelines and become the first choice for global customers.

Songshun is one of your best 4130 pipe suppliers. We have proper technology and continuously iterate, including product quality, supply capacity, price competitiveness, technical support, and reputation. We did not hesitate to bear every order and finally solve the problem of customers. We welcome your inquiry.


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