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4130 Plate Suppliers

4130 plate is a steel material with excellent mechanical properties. It is widely used in different fields and has great market demand. In today’s highly competitive steel market, there are many domestic 4130 plate suppliers. And our Songshun Steel are one of the leading 4130 plate suppliers, stockists and shareholders in China. We provide a variety of high-quality steel products, including plates, round steel, steel coils, pipes, bars, hexagonal steel, thin plates, and flat steel etc.

High Quality 4130 Plate

In order to provide customers with the best 4130 steel, 4130 plate suppliers should have professional knowledge reserves.

(1) What is 4130 Steel?
AISI 4130 steel is a chromium-molybdenum low alloy steel with multiple excellent properties, equivalent to GB 30CrMo/DIN 25CrMo4/DIN 1.7218 steel.

(2) 4130 Plate Performance
In terms of the hardenability of steel, 4130 plate has much higher strength and toughness than typical steel types. It has high hardenability, excellent tensile strength and yield strength, and also has excellent corrosion resistance and processability properties, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, etc.

(3) AISI 4130 Steel Application
The excellent properties of 4130 steel make it an ideal choice for many critical applications, including widespread use in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, marine, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industries, etc.

(4) 4130 Steel Supply
4130 Round Steel: diameter 6mm – 3000mm
4130 Steel Plate/Flat Steel: thickness 10mm – 2000mm x width 200mm – 3000mm
4130 Steel Pipe: outer diameter 4mm to 900mm

Other Specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Surface Treatment: black, rough machined, peeled, turned or as per given requirement.

4130 Plate Suppliers

There are various 4130 plate suppliers on the market, and their quality and reliability vary. However, Songshun has more than 20 years of experience in the steel industry, has a large inventory, and has professional knowledge and services to meet customer needs and provide the highest quality products. We are able to provide “high quality, high requirements, and high standards” that our competitors cannot.

The 4130 plates we provide can ensure product consistency and quality stability. We can provide grinding, straightening, milling, laser cutting, polishing, turning, drilling and other processing services according to the tolerances and dimensions you require, cut into the sizes you need, delivered with high quality 4130 plate to the tolerances you need.

If you are looking for 4130 plate suppliers, our Songshun Steel will be one of your best partners. It has the advantages of spot inventory, fast delivery, quality assurance, price concessions, etc., and is committed to providing you with the best steel.


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