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Information you need to know when purchasing 40CrNiMoA steel

What is 40CrNiMoA steel? It is an alloy quenched and tempered steel that can be used to manufacture parts that work in harsh environments. It occupies an important position in the engineering and manufacturing industries. And this steel has many excellent properties and has a large market demand. If you are looking for a widely used and high-performance alloy structure, GB 40CrNiMoA steel will be your best choice. At Songshun, we provide first-class quality steel, with a professional team and rich experience, and can provide you with more information about steel. Below, we will introduce in detail the information you must know about 40CrNiMoA steel before purchasing.

40CrNiMoA Steel Corresponding Grades

Before purchasing, you should first understand what other grades of steel the Chinese standard 40CrNiMoA steel is similar to? GB 40CrNiMoA steel is similar to the American standard ASTM/AISI 4340, the German standard DIN EN/DIN 36NiCrMo4 or 34CrNiMo6, the British standard BS EN/BS 816M40 or 817M40, the Japanese standard JISSNCM439 or SNCM447, etc.

Chemical Composition Of GB 40CrNiMoA Steel

GB 40CrNiMoA Steel Chemical Composition (%)

The chemical composition of steel is crucial to whether it can meet the requirements of your project, and it affects its performance. The chemical composition of GB 40CrNiMoA steel is very similar to that of AISI 4340, but there are also some differences. For example, the maximum Ni content of 40CrNiMoA steel can reach 1.65%, while the maximum Ni content of 4340 steel can reach 2%. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the chemical composition of the required material according to your needs.

Why Choose 40CrNiMoA Steel

Alloy steel 40CrNiMoA has become one of the preferred materials in many fields due to its excellent performance. It mainly has the following properties:

  • High strength and toughness
  • High hardness and wear resistance
  • Good hardenability and plasticity
  • Good machinability and weldability
  • Good anti-overheating stability and durability

In addition to the above, 40CrNiMoA steel can also be obtained and improved by optimizing heat treatment process and processing. It is mainly selected because of its excellent strength and toughness.

Who Often Uses 40CrNiMoA Steel

40CrNiMoA round bars and steel plates are often used in the fields of automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, mold manufacturing, tractor manufacturing, etc. 40CrNiMoA steel is very suitable for the manufacture of various gears, shafts, heat exchangers, mining machinery parts, fasteners, connecting rods, bearings, bolts, blades, transmission parts, etc., and is deeply favored by all walks of life.

SONGSHUN: Supply High-Quality Steel

Whether it is 40CrNiMoA steel or other similar steels, we can provide it. At Songshun, we have a large amount of spare inventory, support customization, and provide a variety of services, including processing, testing, packaging and after-sales, etc. The packaging options include bundling, wooden boxes and rust-proof packaging. We have cooperated with customers from 166 different countries for many years, and many of them have established long-term cooperative relations with us. And we are committed to meeting your needs, focusing on quality, performance and reliability, and ensuring that it is delivered to you on time and intact. Therefore, if you want to use 40CrNiMoA steel to enhance your project, Songshun will not let you down.

Through the information of similar grades, chemical composition, performance, application and suppliers of 40CrNiMoA steel, we can better help you choose more suitable and better materials. If you are purchasing this kind of steel, Songshun provides various GB 40CrNiMoA steel spot specifications, you are welcome to contact us at any time.


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