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1.2312 Steel Manufacturing Process: Creating High Performance Mold Steel

1.2312 steel is a high performance mold steel, which is widely used in the fields of dies, automatic machinery and aviation. In Songshun Steel, we continue to break through the 1.2312 steel manufacturing process. We have a professional and complete manufacturing process for 1.2312 materials, and can produce more high-quality, high-performance 1.2312 mold steel, meeting the application requirements of 2312 steel in parts with high strength, toughness, stability, and impact resistance.

In the manufacturing process of 1.2312 steel, the process of electric furnace melting and vacuum treatment (vacuum degassing and refining to treat pure steel) is usually used. The 1.2312 steel manufacturing process is complicated, mainly including the following steps:

1. Procurement and Selection of Raw Materials

In order to ensure the chemical composition and performance of 1.2312 steel, the quality of raw materials is strictly controlled through chemical analysis, physical performance testing and other methods, and high-quality raw materials that meet the requirements of the standards are used. Special attention should be paid to the rationality and uniformity of its composition, and there should be no excessive More impurities, improve the purity of steel, which is beneficial to subsequent heat treatment and processing.

2. Melting Process

In the 1.2312 steel manufacturing process, the smelting process is the most basic process technology and one of the most complicated processes, which requires professional personnel to analyze and operate. First, put appropriate amount of raw materials into electric furnace or vacuum furnace for melting and refining treatment. For some thicker modules or forgings, we usually use converter as the main, intermediate frequency furnace and electric arc furnace as supplementary. No matter what kind of furnace is used for smelting, the temperature in the furnace, the holding time and the content and proportion of alloying elements must be strictly controlled. And we have also achieved a more efficient and stable molten steel smelting process and improved the internal quality of 2312 steel by improving furnace design, improving furnace temperature control accuracy, and optimizing smelting parameters.

3. Casting Process

In the steel forming process, in addition to the casting process, there is also a forging process. In our 1.2312 steel manufacturing process, the casting process is usually used. Although the casting process has certain technical difficulties, the use of this process can not only reduce the cost but also form it at one time. Moreover, in addition to die casting, billets can also be continuously cast. Continuous casting technology is an advanced technology that directly pours molten steel into shape. The continuous casting machine is mass-produced, continuous casting, and low cost. Whether it is mold casting or continuous casting, we adopt advanced pouring technology, control the system design and pouring speed, etc., so as to reduce the occurrence of internal defects of the billet, and obtain billets with precise dimensions and uniform internal structure.

4. Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the 1.2312 steel manufacturing process, including steps such as heating, heat preservation and cooling. Through annealing, the hardness of DIN 1.2312 steel can reach 235HBS, after quenching and tempering, the hardness is 28-35HRC. In order to better improve the performance and quality of 1.2312 steel and make the grain boundary structure of 2312 steel denser and harder, Songshun Steel Works combines advanced equipment and technology to optimize the heating, heat preservation and cooling process, and strictly controls the heating temperature, Holding time and cooling rate.

5. Surface Treatment Process

The surface treatment of 1.2312 materials includes processes such as drilling, pickling, milling, turning, polishing and phosphating. Through the surface treatment of 1.2312 steel, the surface quality, precision and smoothness of the material are improved. For example, by soaking 1.2312 steel in acidic solution for pickling, oxides, rust and other impurities on the surface can be removed to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and improving the finish.

6. Detection

Strictly test the specifications, composition, surface and interior of 1.2312 steel, and also support third-party testing agencies to conduct testing. Songshun Steel will record each test content and send the quality inspection report to the customer to ensure that each product meets the customer’s requirements and guarantees product quality.

The above is the main manufacturing process of 1.2312 steel. Among them, the 1.2312 steel manufacturing process and technology are constantly developing and breaking through to meet the needs of different industries for high-performance mold materials. We continue to optimize the selection of raw materials, improve the melting process, adjust the process and control Achieve breakthroughs in temperature and other aspects, improve production efficiency, and provide the best 1.2312 steel products.


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