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1.2738 Steel Price - In Promotional Activities

Under the premise of quality assurance, 1.2738 steel price provided by Songshun Steel is very favorable. The 1.2738 steel we supply is a mold steel with excellent performance. It is widely used in the manufacturing fields of molds, parts, and machinery. It is one of the preferred materials in many industries. And through strict production and processing technology, we can give full play to the advantages of 1.2738 steel and improve the quality and efficiency of the mold.

1.2738 Steel Price Market Prospects

In 2024, with the emergence of new industries, the increase in industrialization and the development of manufacturing, the current market demand for DIN 1.2738 steel will continue to grow, and it is expected to continue to maintain a steady growth trend in the future. And with the continuous improvement of production and processing technology, 1.2738 steel with better performance can be produced more efficiently, which will further promote the development and innovation in the field of 1.2738 steel.

It can be seen that the market prospect of 1.2738 steel is very good. However, these factors will also promote an upward trend in 1.2738 steel price. We, Songshun Steel, have reserved a large amount of 1.2738 steel in advance through advance prediction and understanding of the market. Not only do we have a lot of inventory to provide, but we also have competitive prices. Other people’s 1.2738 steel price is rising. Songshun Steel provides 1.2738 steel and is conducting promotions at very favorable prices.

1.2738 Steel Price Supply

China Songshun Steel started a promotional campaign for 1.2738 steel in March. We understand that the nomenclature of 1.2738 steel varies in different countries and regions. GB 3Cr2MnNiMo/AISI P20+Ni/ISO 40CrMnNiMo 8-6-4 is equivalent to 1.2738 steel. Therefore, if you need to purchase these types of steel, you can use the 1.2738 steel we are currently offering at a discount. And with development, the 1.2738 steel price provided by most steel suppliers or manufacturers is increasing, so we have a great advantage.

The special offer spot specifications for Songshun steel 3Cr2MnNiMo/P20+Ni/40CrMnNiMo 8-6-4/1.2738 are as follows. We ship in hot rolled, pre hardened, and black surface conditions and can deliver immediately.

1.2738 Steel Special Price Specifications
Thickness (mm)Weight (tons)
20 30

Size: 20~120mm×2000~3300×3000~6000mm  (Other specifications support customization)

1.2738 Steel Price /P20+Ni Steel Price Supplied By Songshun:

  • Thickness below 119mm:

    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 840/ton

    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 825/ton

    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 800/ton

  • Thickness 119-149mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 940/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 925/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 880/ton
  • Thickness 150-181mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 980/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 965/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 945/ton

In short, to save your costs, place your order as soon as possible during the promotion period. The 1.2738 steel we supply has passed strict quality inspection to ensure high quality and reduce 1.2738 steel price. This is our advantage and your best purchasing opportunity.


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