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1.2738 Plastic Mold Steel - Hardening Treatment and Nitriding Treatment Technology

1.2738 plastic mold steel

Hardening treatment and nitriding treatment are one of the important process technologies to improve the performance and quality of 1.2738 plastic mold steel. Today, the continuous improvement of these two technologies can significantly improve the hardness, strength, wear resistance, service life and other properties of 1.2738 steel, which can make DIN 1.2738 steel play a greater role in practical applications.

Hardening Treatment

(1) Hardening Treatment Technology

The hardening treatment of 1.2738 plastic mold steel is mainly achieved through heating, insulation, cooling, increasing the carbon content in the steel, and flame hardening. Hardening treatment is achieved by heating 1.2738 steel above the critical temperature, controlling temperature and time to dissolve carbon atoms in the steel into the grains, forming an austenitic structure, and then rapidly cooling to cause phase transformation in the microstructure, thereby obtaining the high hardness surface and required microstructure of 1.2738 plastic mold steel. Flame hardening is the rapid heating of DIN 1.2738 steel by direct exposure to a hot gas flame.

After hardening, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile resistance of 1.2738 are also improved. Hardened 1.2738 die steel can be used to manufacture key components such as aircraft engines and high-speed train traction motors.

(2) Problems Needing Attention During Hardening Treatment

1. Control carbon content: appropriate carbon content can increase the hardness of 1.2738 plastic mold steel, but too low carbon content will lead to poor hardening effect, unable to fully form martensitic structure, thereby affecting the hardness of steel; too high carbon content The content will easily lead to brittleness, which will increase the risk of cracking during quenching, thereby affecting the toughness and strength of the steel. Therefore, the carbon content of 1.2738 steel needs to be strictly controlled before hardening treatment.

2.Temperature control: During the hardening process, if the heating temperature is too high, the grains will grow and affect the toughness of the steel; if the heating temperature is too low, the carbon atoms cannot be fully dissolved into the grains, thereby affecting the hardness. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the temperature uniform and stable to avoid local overheating or overcooling.

3.Cooling rate: Controlling the cooling rate of 1.2738 plastic mold steel is the key factor to ensure the hardening effect. Cooling is usually carried out by oil quenching, water quenching or air cooling. If the speed is too slow, austenite will transform into pearlite or bainite, thereby affecting the hardness; if the speed is too fast, it may cause stress concentration and cracking. Therefore, when selecting the cooling medium and cooling method, it is necessary to make reasonable adjustments according to the specific situation and hardness requirements.

Nitriding Treatment

(1) Nitriding Treatment Technology

The nitriding treatment of 1.2738 plastic mold steel is to expose the 1.2738 steel to a nitrogen source such as ammonia or nitrogen at a temperature of 900°F to 1150°F after hardening to carry out the nitriding reaction. The process includes three steps of pretreatment, nitriding and post-treatment to form a dense nitrided layer with high hardness and corrosion resistance on the surface of the steel. 1.2738 plastic mold steel has better surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance after nitriding treatment, and can also improve its tribological properties and fatigue life. Nitriding 1.2738 is suitable for mechanical parts that require high surface hardness and long-term durability.

(2) Issues That Need Attention During Nitriding Treatment

1. Control the nitriding treatment temperature: In the nitriding stage, DIN 1.2738 needs high temperature and nitrogen to obtain the nitriding layer, but too high temperature may lead to excessive nitriding, increased brittleness or material deformation, reducing the bearing capacity ; If the temperature is too low, the nitrided layer may be uneven or the treatment effect may not be ideal. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment temperature before nitriding treatment.

2.Nitriding treatment time control: The length of nitriding treatment time will affect important factors such as the quality, thickness and uniformity of the nitrided layer. Too short treatment time may lead to insufficient nitrogen penetration, too thin nitrided layer, and poor treatment effect; while too long treatment time may lead to problems such as too hard and brittle steel surface and too thick nitrided layer.

3.Control of nitrogen purity and depth: In the nitriding process, nitrogen is used as the medium to form a nitrogen-rich solid solution layer with the surface of 1.2738 plastic mold steel, so it is necessary to ensure high nitrogen purity and control the nitriding depth. Prevent adverse effects of treatment effects.

In addition to the above points, it is also necessary to pay attention to the surface treatment, atmosphere control and cooling methods during the nitriding process to ensure that a high-quality nitrided layer is obtained and the expected treatment effect is achieved.

To sum up, hardening treatment and nitriding treatment have a significant impact on the performance of 1.2738 plastic mold steel, which can improve its surface hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. In Songshun, we often use hardening treatment and nitriding treatment in combination, which can make 1.2738 steel have better performance and prolong its service life, so as to provide customers with the best mold steel.

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