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1.2738 Mold Steel, An Indispensable Material In Injection Molds

DIN 1.2738 mold steel

1.2738 steel is a plastic mold steel with excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength and high toughness. Because of its excellent performance, 1.2738 mold steel has been widely favored in many fields. It is usually widely used in the field of injection mold manufacturing, and it plays an important role as an indispensable material in the plastic processing and manufacturing process of injection molds.

1.2738 Mold Steel Advantages In Injection Mold

In the field of injection molding, why choose 1.2738 mold steel? Because of the excellent characteristics of this mold steel, it is very conducive to the manufacture of injection mold products, making it a popular choice in the field of injection mold manufacturing.

(1) High Hardness and High Strength: With these two properties, 1.2738 steel can withstand large forces, impact loads and pressures during the injection molding process. During the injection molding process, plastic materials are quickly injected into the mold cavity and heated, while The high hardness of 1.2738 mold steel can effectively resist the impact force of plastic, provide good stability and durability, and can maintain excellent mechanical properties during mold operation.

(2) High Toughness: AISI P20+Ni / DIN 1.2738 has high toughness due to the addition of nickel elements, that is, when the injection mold is subjected to impact and shear, it can maintain overall stability and integrity . This toughness allows the mold to retain its shape and dimensional accuracy over multiple uses while reducing cost and time wasted due to mold damage.

(3) Good Machining Performance: 1.2738 mold steel is easy to machining and heat treatment, easy to process into injection molds with complex shapes, and can manufacture and repair molds more efficiently, saving time and cost. Moreover, the steel is also easy to carry out surface treatment and brightness treatment to improve the appearance quality of the mold, and the manufactured mold can meet the requirements of high-precision injection molding products.

(4) Good Wear Resistance: In the injection mold, the flow and cooling process of the plastic material will cause a lot of wear on the surface of the mold, but the injection mold made of 1.2738 material can produce plastic parts with high surface quality, It has high anti-wear performance, can effectively resist the wear and impact during the injection molding process, and effectively prolong the service life of the mold.

(5) Strong Corrosion Resistance: The steel has good corrosion resistance and can resist corrosion and oxidation during the injection molding process, so that the manufactured mold can maintain the stability of the mold for a long time in harsh environments, and can Used to make fluorine-containing plastics with corrosive gases or corrosive plastic molds with flame retardants added.

In addition, 1.2738 mold steel also has excellent heat treatment performance, high temperature resistance and fatigue resistance and so on. These excellent properties have excellent application advantages in injection molds, and can meet the high requirements of various injection molds.

1.2738 Mold Steel Application In Injection Mold

In the field of injection mold manufacturing, 1.2738 mold steel can meet the requirements of complex mold design and high-speed production. It is often used in the manufacture and processing of various injection mold products, including auto parts, automotive interior molds, car lamp housings, and auto insurance Bars, plastic parts for home appliances, TV shell molds, plastic containers, plastic home appliance molds, air conditioner shells and industrial equipment, etc.

To sum up, 1.2738 mold steel is a high-quality material, and its wide application in injection mold manufacturing has demonstrated its excellent performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, the excellent application advantages of AISI P20+Ni steel /DIN 1.2738 steel in injection molds will bring revolutionary changes to the development of injection mold materials, and its application will be further expanded and deepen.

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