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1.2311 Steel Price – What’s the Trend?

DIN 1.2311 steel is a low carbon alloy cold work mold steel widely used in the mold manufacturing industry. 1.2311 steel has high hardness, high toughness, excellent processability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, etc. It is famous for its high degree of microscopic purity and excellent homogeneous structure. Our Songshun steel is produced with an “ultra-pure” process to ensure quality. And after calcification treatment, vacuum degassing and heat treatment, 1.2311 steel has good machinability and polishing performance, and is more suitable for EDM processing. It is widely used in various industries and has great market demand. After February, its price was affected by several key factors, and 1.2311 steel price has decreased.

1.2311 Steel Equivalent Specification

China GB /T 1299 standard: GB 3Cr2Mo
American ASTM A681 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM P20
German DIN 17350 standard: DIN EN/DIN 40CrMnMo 7/ W-Nr 1.2311

These equivalent grades have similar chemical composition and mechanical properties, making them interchangeable in many applications. So whether you want to purchase 3Cr2Mo or P20, you can purchase 1.2311 steel which is cheaper and equally suitable.

Factors Affecting 1.2311 Steel Price

  • Raw material cost: Some alloying elements are required to produce 1.2311 steel. Therefore, fluctuations in the cost of iron ore and alloy elements will directly affect 1.2311 steel price.
  • Production and processing technology: In order to meet customer needs or improve steel performance, it may lead to an increase in technology, processing, labor and other costs, which will have an impact on 1.2311 steel price.
  • Market demand: The market plays a decisive role in the demand for 1.2311 steel. When demand is strong and supply is limited, prices may rise; when demand is weak, prices may fall.
  • Quality: 1.2311 steel that meets higher industry standards or has specific certifications may command a higher price due to its enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Quantity: The more you purchase, the greater that we provide for 1.2311 steel price discount, bringing you a better deal.
  • Delivery: Shipping costs will also directly affect the overall 1.2311 steel price, especially the Red Sea incident in December 2023, which resulted in several times more shipping costs passing through this field. However, sea freight rates have actually gradually stabilized recently. Considering the shipping costs, now is the right time to order some 1.2311 steel.
  • Policies and regulations: The government’s support for the steel industry, changes in policies and regulations on raw material procurement, production and environmental protection, etc. may also have an impact on 1.2311 steel price. Considering the shipping costs, now is the right time to order some 1.2311 steel.
  • Global economic situation: Economic changes will affect the value of currency and may also cause fluctuations in the price of raw materials, which in turn will affect 1.2311 steel price.

1.2311 Steel Price Trend

Around the Spring Festival, due to the influence of the market and shipping freight, the overall price trend of 1.2311 steel is rising, with an average increase of US$30/ton per ton. But after March, the market and sea freight gradually stabilized, and the overall price of 1.2311 steel provided by Songshun Steel showed a downward trend. We have a large inventory and strict quality inspection to ensure that we provide the highest quality and excellent performance of 1.2311 steel.

Songshun Steel’s 1.2311 steel/P20 steel special price spot specifications are as follows. It is shipped in hot-rolled, pre-hardened, black surface and other conditions and can be delivered immediately.

1.2311 Steel Special Price Specifications
Thickness20~120 mm
Width2000~3000 mm

Size: 20~120mm×2000~3000×3000~6000mm

1.2311 Steel Price/P20 Steel Price Supplied By Songshun:

  • Thickness below 119mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 800/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 776/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 760/ton
  • Thickness 119-149mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 930/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 905/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 888/ton
  • Thickness 150-181mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 980/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 955/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 940/ton

According to experience, this month is the best purchasing opportunity whether looking at 1.2311 steel price or sea freight. If you need to purchase 1.2311 steel/P20 steel, please feel free to contact us.


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