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1.2311 Material Steel - Sheet Plate and Large Thickness Forged Plate

1.2311 plate is a pre-hardened high-strength die steel of German standard, corresponding to aisi p20 steel of American standard, and GB 3Cr2Mo steel of Chinese national standard. 1. 2311 material steel can be divided into thin plate and large-thickness forged plate. These two kinds of plates are produced in different shapes through different processing methods. They each have different characteristics, performances, uses, and so on.

1.2311 Material Steel Sheet Plate

For 1.2311 sheet plate, the 1.2311 material steel is processed into the required size and shape by hot rolling, cold rolling, drawing or cutting. The general thickness is between 10-160MM. According to customer needs, it can be cut to the size you need.

The strength, processing performance and toughness of the 1.2311 material steel sheet are good, and the sheet shows excellent performance in terms of mechanical properties such as tensile, bending and impact.

In terms of use, 1.2311 material steel sheet is usually used to manufacture small-sized and thin-walled mold parts, components, knives, templates and mechanical components, etc., and is widely used in automotive parts, electronic equipment and daily necessities.

1.2311 Material Steel Large Thickness Forged Plate

DIN 1.2311 large-thickness forged plate is a thicker steel plate made by heat treatment and forging, and the general thickness is between 400-600MM.

The large thickness forged plate adopts forging process, Q+T makes the quality better and better for processing. Forging produces uniform internal composition, and the internal hardness is closer to the external. Therefore, the mechanical properties of 1.2311 forged plate show high hardness and wear resistance. And it has excellent impact resistance and can withstand large pressure and impact loads.

Large thickness forged 1.2311 material steel plates are usually used to manufacture tools and equipment that require high strength, compression and wear resistance, such as: large molds, mechanical parts, mold seats and pressure vessels, etc. It is widely used in important industries such as automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and energy fields, etc.

Whether it is sheet sheet or forged sheet with large thickness, 1.2311 material is very suitable for the manufacture of various molds. Songshun Steel has more than 20 years of experience in the supply of 1.2311 special steel and plastic mold steel. According to the needs of customers, Songshun can provide the most professional suggestions to help them better implement the final use. 1.2311 material steel, we have sufficient stock, hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled sheet, and some large thickness forged plates, the warehouse has more than 200 tons of stock, and can also supply round steel, flat steel, steel coil, plate and steel pipe,etc. All specifications can be cut and sawed to the length you need in one or multiple cuts. Committed to providing you with high quality 1.2311 steel to the tolerances you require.


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