Can 40Cr replace the P20 mould steel
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     P20 steel is a kind of plastic mold steel. P20 steel is mainly used in plastic mold and die casting mold material of low melting point metal. The purity of P20 mould steel is high, with good machinability and mirror grinding performance, made of high precision mold, never deformation, high tenacity.
     40Cr is a commonly used alloy structural steel, the tensile strength, yield strength and hardenability is higher than 1040 steel, but its welding is limited, may crack formation.  It can be made of quenched and tempered parts. After surface quenching, 40Cr can be made a part of load and wear resistance are high and impact force is small, such as gears, sleeves, shafts, crankshafts, etc..
     40Cr also belongs to the nitrided steel, it contains beneficial elements to nitriding. After nitrogen treatment, surface hardness of 40Cr is high, the highest reached 72 ~ 78HRA (43 ~ 55HRC).
     If the P20 mould steel nitriding treatment, its surface microstructure is high hardness. After nitriding surface hardness reaches 650-700HV (57-60HRC), the service life of the die can reach more than one million times, the characteristics of the nitride layer has dense structure, smooth, mold release properties and the anti wet air and salty liquid corrosion performance can be improved.
     Previously, most of the APG die is used 40Cr, and then gradually being replaced by P20 steel. From the processing performance for P20 steel processing performance is better than the 40Cr. From the service life of the die, the frequency of use of P20 steel is 5~10 million times, and the frequency of use of 40Cr is 50000 times.

P20 steel

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