How to prevent cracking of 1.2738 plastic mould steel
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     In order to prevent excessive stress cracking of caused by the mold, should be performed 150 ~ 200 ℃ tempering. After the flame hardening, surface hardness can reach 45 ~ 50HRC. Note that, before the flame hardening treatment, 150 ~ 200 ℃ preheating of mould to prevent cracking of the mould.
    1.2738 plastic mould steel is the German DIN standard, vacuum degassing and ESR, steel pure quality, the thickness ≥500mm, its hardness is still evenly; sulfur and gas content is very low (S≤0.005%), mirror-polished performance is excellent, etch and EDM processing performance is good; the pre hardened state supply, do not need to reheat treatment can be directly processing; has excellent processing performance, easy cutting and polishing, stress relief annealing and surface nitriding treatment, size and hardness change little.
    You can use oxygen-acetylene flame heating method perform local hardening for 1.2738 plastic mould steel. The need to hardened parts, heating to light red (850 ~ 950 ℃), and then cooled in the air.
    1.2738 steel surface nitriding can improve the hardness of the surface organization. Nitriding surface is smooth and compact. It has good corrosion resistance. Conducive to product demould and improve production efficiency.


1.2738 plastic mould steel

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