4140 vs 4340 Alloy Structure Steel
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  Internationally, there are various alloy structural steels, each of which has its own function and unique characteristics. Our company (Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on 4340 vs 4140 alloy steel products round bars in China for more than 20 years, and has an in-depth understanding of these two alloy structural steels. Below, I will focus on the introduction of these two materials. various properties.


4340 vs 4140 Alloy Steel Products Encyclopedia 
  4340 belongs to American standard high-strength alloy structural steel, which is made of high-quality carbon structural steel by appropriately adding one or several alloying elements (the total content does not exceed 5%);
  4140 steel is a kind of alloy structural steel. It belongs to the steel with the American grade equivalent to the 42CrMo grade in my country. This kind of steel belongs to the medium hardenability steel with high yield, good comprehensive mechanical properties, good strength, good toughness and hardenability. High advantages, its carbon content is 0.33%-0.48%, its tensile strength is 795 MPa, and its hardness is 241HB. After heat treatment at 4140, it has good strength and good comprehensive mechanical properties, and it has good manufacturability. Fasteners, salvage tools, etc.
4140 steel

AISI 4140 vs AISI 4340 Chemical Composition
  (1)4140 Chemical Composition

4140 steel
(2)4340 Chemical Composition

4340 steel
  (3)Similarities and differences in chemical composition of 4140 vs 4340
  4140 and 4340 steels belong to the American standard high-strength alloy structural steels, and they contain equal components of silicon, sulfur and phosphorus, and roughly the same chemical composition of carbon, molybdenum, and manganese. The carbon content of 4340 steel is higher than that of 4140 steel. The difference between the two is the addition of nickel to the 4340 steel, which accounts for the metal's higher strength and fracture toughness.

SAE 4140 vs SAE 4340 corresponding steel grades
  1.SAE 4140 steel: China GB steel No.42CrMo, German DIN steel No. 42CrMo4, German DIN material No. 1.7225, French NF standard 40CD4/42CD4, Japanese JIS standard SCM440, British BS standard 708M40/708A42/709M40, American AISI/ASTM 4140 , US SAE 4140, US UNS standard G41400
  2.SAE 4340 steel: Chinese GB steel number 40CrNiMoA, German DIN steel number 36CrNiMo4, German DIN material number 1.6511, French NF standard 40NCD3, Japanese JIS standard SNCM439, British BS standard 816M40, American AISI/ASTM4340, American UNS standard G43400

ASTM 4140 vs ASTM 4340 Mechanical Properties 
ASTM 4140 Steel Properties


  ASTM 4340 Steel Properties
4340 steel

4340 vs 4140 Alloy Steel Products Features 
(1) 4140 steel features
  This steel has good strength, good toughness, high hardenability, good workability, small processing deformation, quite good fatigue resistance, small deformation during quenching, and high creep strength and durable strength at high temperature.
(2) 4340 steel features
  It has high strength, toughness, excellent hardenability and stability against overheating, good plasticity and heat resistance, uniform material, high working reliability, weldability, non-leakage, and simple steel structure production. Short construction period and good assembly;

4340 vs 4140 Alloy Steel Products Applications

4140 steel
  4140 steel: used to manufacture forgings that require higher strength and larger quenched and tempered section than 35CrMo steel, such as large gears for locomotive traction, supercharger transmission gears, rear axles, connecting rods and spring clips that are heavily loaded, It can also be used for drill pipe joints and fishing tools in oil wells below 2000m, and can be used for molds of bending machines,etc.
  4340 steel: used as important quenched and tempered parts that require good toughness, high strength and large size, such as heavy machinery and high-load shafts, turbine shafts with a diameter greater than 250mm, helicopter rotor shafts, turbojet engine turbine shafts, Blades, high-load transmission parts, crankshaft fasteners. Gears, etc.; can also be used for rotor shafts and blades whose operating temperature exceeds 400 C; can also be used to manufacture important parts with special performance requirements after nitriding treatment, and can be used for ultra-high temperature after low temperature tempering or austempering. Strength steel is used.

4140 vs 4340
  We specialize in 4340 vs 4140 alloy steel products,which are versatile and have many advantages for a variety of industrial applications. Knowing the differences between them will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.
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