The Weldox960 plate
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WELDOX960 Plate------As a high strength low alloyed structural steel, WELDOX960 is characterized by fine grain, super-
weldox960 plate 1metallurgical purification and homogenization, high strength and toughness, and it is widely applied in thefield of mine-machine, bridge, railway and mobile crane etc. High-strength MAG-wire ED-FK 1000 is selected as consumed material according to “lower strength match”to be used in mixed gases (Ar+CO2) shielded metal arc welding(GMAW).During multiplayer welding, WELDOX960 is welded.
Basic introduction Swedish ultra high strength steel plate WELDOX960 Plate:

Heat treatment:
The Weldox 960 achieves its mechanical properties by quenching and tempering processes.
Weldox 960 is not suitable for use in equipment operating at temperatures above 550 ° C for high temperature operation, otherwise the material will not be guaranteed to be consistent with the performance specified in the delivery conditions

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