Alloy structure steel 4140
Article:    Author:Susan Xu    View:2874     Time:2017-03-24
4140 steel, it has good processability, small deformation, anti fatigue performance is quite good, and so on Hardenability of steel 4140 after heat treatment and has high strength and good mechanical properties, good manufacturability, high yield. The highest temperature is 427 degrees Celsius.4140 strength hardenability high toughness, small deformation quenching, high temperature strength and high creep rupture strength, Requirements for the manufacture of 35CrMo steel with higher strength and conditioning section large forgings, such as locomotive traction gears, with supercharger drive gear, the rear axle, the connecting rod and the spring load greatly clip, 2000m can also be used for the following deep oil drill pipe joints and fishing tools, and can be used for bending machine mould.
Specification for heat treatment and metallographic structure: heat treatment specification: quenching 850 DEG C, oil cooling, tempering at 560 C, water cooling, oil cooling.
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