Article:    Author:Susan Xu    View:2276     Time:2017-03-16
      1Cr11MoV belongs to martensitic buxiure steel, the hangeliang is slightly lower than 1, because of the elements of molybdenum, alum and other elements, the creep fracture is obviously improved, and has better damping performance and smaller line expansion coefficient. Therefore, the steel making is a good material for the turbine and gas turbine blades used below 540 ℃.
         Because 1Cr11MoV contains more than 10 % Cr, the corrosion resistance of steel is greatly improved. It is not sensitive to tempered brittleness and the impact toughness of room temperature after long-term insulation at 500 ℃-600℃, so it is allowed to obtain higher strength by tempering at lower temperature.
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