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     20CrMnTi is carburized steel, carburizing steel is usually carbon content of 0.17% -0.24% of low carbon steel. Automobile used in the manufacture of transmission gear, is hardened carburized steel in the Cr Mn Ti steel, the high hardenability, in the case of ensuring hardened, especially with high impact toughness at low temperatures. 20CrMnTi surface carburizing hardening treatment steel. Good workability, processing deformation is small, anti-fatigue performance is quite good. The main purposes are: for shafts, piston parts and auto, aircraft, a variety of special parts parts.
     It is a good performance carburizing steel, hardenability is higher, after carburizing quenching with a hard and wear-resistant surface and tough heart, with a high impact toughness of low temperature, welding medium, can be cut after normalizing Good sex. For the manufacture of cross-section <30mm to withstand high-speed, medium or heavy load, impact and friction of important parts, such as gears, ring gear, gear shaft cross head. Is 18CrMnTi alternative steel, widely used as carburizing parts in the car. Tractor industry for cross-section below 30mm, to withstand high speed. Medium or heavy load as well as impact. Friction of important carburizing parts such as gear. The shaft of a sliding bearing, the crosshead, the claw clutch, the worm, etc.
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