Songshun Alloy Structure Steel Application
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Alloy Structure Steel Introduction:

Alloy structure steel whose material is alloy steel ingot steel for plastic production. Compared with ordinary steel and alloy steel bar had good or special performance, such as high strength, high toughness, hardenability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal top and Red hardness.

Due to increased content of alloying elements, steel and plastic lower metal deformation resistance increases thermal conductivity decreased, plastic processing more difficult, some of the steel ingot or slab in front of the plastic processing required pre-heat, others in forging blooming or machining after heat treatment to obtain uniform stable organizational performance. Alloy steel sheet production complex, theproduction cycle is long, and expensive, steel alloy elements, small volume, low degree of automation of the production process, so higher prices than ordinary steel alloy steel.

Good special alloy steel, is indispensable to the national economic sectors important raw materials. Expanding steel production around the world, developed all kinds of alloy steel output accounts for all 15%~20%.

alloy steel

Application of Alloy Stucture Steel

By uses points has 3 class:

(1)structure steel, used to manufacturing various machine, and car, and tractor, and ship, and aircraft, and rocket and missile, of parts.

application of alloy steel

2) tool steel, which alloy tool steel manufacturing various tool, and measuring, and hot and cold mold and the rolling tool,; high-speed tool steel manufacturing high-speed cutting tools and the bit taps.


3) special uses steel, which not rust acid steel with in chemical, and oil, and synthetic, and Atomic Energy industrial, also can making medical devices, and tableware,; heat steel manufacturing boiler, and Steam turbines, Jet engines, and so on; bearing steel ball bearing, tooling, precision measuring tools, etc; spring steel used for automobiles, tractors, shock-absorbing leaf springs and coil springs; electrical steel manufacture of iron core motors, transformers, electrical instruments, and so on.

alloy structure steel

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