Future of Steel Industry E-commerce
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   Internet like air penetration into the industry, is subversion and reconstruction 

of the traditional industries of the ecological environment. In the steel industry, 

traditional steel and steel el-commerce two circulation system which is better or worse, has become a hot topic.

    In the traditional steel and steel el-commerce the future learn from each other, learning from each other into the integration,work together to explore the road of development.

steel industry e-commerce

    This year, China's iron and steel industry increasingly serious situation, problems such as overcapacity, financial strain, suffered heavy losses as the industry ills. 
In this context, steel producers, distributors, circulation spontaneously began to "net". Especially in 2015, issued by the State Council on accelerating development of producer services and promote the industrial 
structure adjustment and escalation guidelines, encourage the development of e-commerce support, steel e-commerce trading platform rapid development began in China, steel trading a leveraging the e-commerce revolution mode the curtain is opened.
    Is burning of excess capacity, a steel merchant rise of Carnival. In doubt, 
China's steel industry has quietly entered the era of e-commerce.
    This trend cannot be changed. Moreover, steel e-commerce xieguo a force for change, wanton deconstruction of every part of the
iron and steel industry, intent onnew shape steel development patterns.
steel industry e-commerce
  In recent years, with SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) asa representative of the emergence of cloud computing technology, started the whole steel e-commerce platform model of innovation is accelerating.

  steel industry e-commerce
      Steel electric business business mode and cloud computing technology schema system of organic combined, has breakthrough has original based on Web technology oriented information released and trading set of simple e-commerce, now through to upstream industry chain extends and production system integrated, to downstream industry chain extends and logistics and terminal management system integrated, makes supply chain in the all link of information in cloud in the collection, and interactive, let trading way occurred Subversion sex of changes.
e commercial

 With e-commerce developments on business models, Platform scale, market segments, as well as a variety of services and constantly improve the case, Chamber of Commerce of the more obvious advantages is more competitive. Steel mills, steeltrading business will tilt platform advantages so development can lead to competition than cooperation between the 

electric and gradually changes to mergers and acquisitions trend appears. Electrical contractor is only the beginning.

steel industry

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