Spring Festival Travel Rush in China
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    Spring Festival, that is, Spring Festival transportation, is the Chinese Lunar New Year before and after the occurrence of a large-scale high-traffic transport pressure phenomenon. To the Spring Festival as the center, a total of 40 days or so, the annual Lunar New Year twelfth lunar month 15 to the first lunar January 25. By the National Development and Reform Commission issued a unified, Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out special transport arrangements for the national transport peak called the Spring Festival. In the general sense of the Spring Festival, refers to mainland China's inter-city traffic, excluding mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan between the traffic and international traffic.


    "Spring Festival" first appeared in the 1980's "People's Daily." Since the reform and opening up, with the restrictions on the relaxation of mobility, more and more people choose to leave their homes to migrant workers, school. Many people concentrated in the Spring Festival to return home, forming a "rare global population movement," the Spring Festival. Over the past 30 years, the spring army from 100 million people in 2015 to 3.7 billion people, equivalent to Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, the total population to move a home.

    Many passengers are afraid to squeeze on the train, crawling from the window, the window does not squeeze into, a few escort carried him from the window.

    There are migrant workers rush home New Year, sat the train down the car, down the car and then take the motorcycle, bicycle, and some also walk a long, long mountain, this way home how many long?

    Some of the migrant workers to the motorcycle as a tool to go home for the New Year, riding their own or rented motorcycles, bolted hundreds of kilometers or even thousands of kilometers to the home to catch the journey of hardship, danger completely ignored.

    There are a considerable number of migrant workers can not afford to buy or buy train tickets, still dwelling in that work in the city, watching a wave of children, a wave of children are rushing home to the New Year, their lonely in the city Corners, and my heart much cold sense, when the sound of a burst of tight burst of Chinese New Year firecrackers when the only had to face the direction of home, tears to their loved ones New Year, a taste of unspeakable.

    As a child, in order to go home to accompany their parents, family had a reunion, in order to be in the New Year's Eve this, this is a dream, as people, in order to carry forward the Chinese New Year tradition; Days of family reunion, to enjoy the world's grandchildren.


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