The mechanical properties of aisi 4340 alloy steel
Article:    Author:xnsslong    View:1829     Time:2015-05-25

     The mechanical properties of aisi 4340 alloy steel are related to the size of ferrite and the dispersion of carbides. However, the ferrite is limited by the martensite, and the martensite is decided by the size of the austenite grain. Therefore, the mechanical properties of the 4340 steel are indirectly influenced by the austenite grain size.
     The grain size of the original austenite is uniform and fine, the strength of the steel is higher, and the crack is not easy to form. If appears the crack or the prefabricated crack, the crack propagation is faster. The coarse grain is surrounded by fine grains,this hybrid coarse grained steel, whose toughness is higher, but easy to appears the crack, the slow expansion after appears the crack.
     In aisi 4340 steel the aluminum nitride can not only affect the austenite grain growth, but also affect the steel performance, so we should use the reasonable smelting technology, so that the aluminum nitride fine dispersion.

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