D2 tool steel wear-resistance mechanism
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     D2 steel is a high carbon high chromium cold work die steel. D2 tool steel is widely used as compression moulding, cold forming punch and mould. The composition of D2 steel (%):C 1.5; Mn 0.4; Si 0.35; Cr 12; Mo 1; V 0.80. The casting organization is ledeburite. D2 steel has high hardness and wear resistance, sufficient toughness, heat treatment almost no deformation. When fully forging and reticular eutectic broken, the tiny spherical carbide distributes in the original crystal grain matrix, after the large granular primary carbide were broken, usually distributed along the longitudinal (processing direction). Because of D2 die steel has the unique chemical and organizational characteristics, determines its unique wear-resistance mechanism.

D2 tool steel

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