What are the uses of SAE 4340 steel
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     The SAE 4340 steel is a kind of special alloy steel, and it contains the main alloy elements are: molybdenum, nickel and chromium. Uses this steel manufacture the product to have the higher tensile strength, and the thermal stability and toughness are higher. That is why this steel is used to manufacture aircraft, automotive and other general engineering components. Molybdenum can reduce the temper brittleness.
     At present, the steel is also used in the manufacture of gear shaft,  transmission shaft and car parts and gear lever. Tensile strength of the steel is higher than the 4140 steel, so can be get more strength. The last two digits of the carbon content of steel. This means that, when it is 4340 it contains carbon 40%, and when it is 4130 steel contains carbon 30%.


SAE 4340 steel

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