M42 high speed steel
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M42 High Speed Steel

M42 high speed steel is a molybdenum-series high-speed steel alloy with an additional 8% or 10% cobalt. It is widely used in metal manufacturing industries because of its superior red-hardness as compared to more conventional high-speed steels, allowing for shorter cycle times in production environments due to higher cutting speeds or from the increase in time between tool changes. It is also less prone to chipping when used for interrupted cuts and costs less when compared to the same tool made of carbide. Tools made from cobalt-bearing high speed steels can often be identified by the letters HSS-Co.




M42 tool steel is mostly used for machine materials and super alloys that are difficult to machine. The machine materials include chasers, broaches, form and gear cutters, hobs, drills, milling cutters, end mills and taps.


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