The origional of Women's Day.
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    March 8 is the International Labor Women's Day, also known as the March 8 Festival, Women's Day, March 8 International Women's Day, is the world's women for peace, equality, development of the festival. For centuries, women have made unremitting efforts to fight for their rights.
     On March 8, 1909, women workers in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and national workers in the textile and garment industry held large-scale strikes and demonstrations, demanding additional wages, an eight-hour working system and the right to vote. This is the first organized struggle of the working women in history, which fully demonstrates the power of working women. Struggle to get the country and the rest of the world women's extensive sympathy and enthusiastic response, and finally won.
Before the First World War, the shadow of war was shrouded in the world, and imperialism tried to divide the colonies. In August 1910, the second women's congress was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 countries, the main issue discussed was to oppose the imperialist military readiness and defend the world peace. At the same time, the rights of women and children were discussed, and the issue of 8-hour work and women's right to vote was discussed. The famous German socialist revolutionist, the outstanding communist warrior Clara Zetkin, who led the conference, was supported by the delegates on March 8 as the day of struggle for women around the world. Since then, the "March 8" Women's Day has become the world's women fight for the rights, for the liberation of the festival.
March 8, 1911 for the first International Labor Women's Day.
     My country began to commemorate the "March 8" festival in 1922. The first mass celebration of the Chinese women was held in Guangzhou in 1924.
     In December 1949, the Central People's Government of the State Council stipulated that every year on March 8 for Women's Day. The United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day from the 1975 International Year of Women, recognizing the tradition of ordinary women's equal participation in society. In 1977 the General Assembly adopted a resolution inviting each State to select one of the years for United Nations Women's Rights and World Day of Peace in accordance with its own history and national traditions. For the United Nations, the International Women's Day is scheduled for March 8.
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