The 24 Solar Terms
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     The 24 Solar Terms refers to the 24 specific seasonal changes in the Chinese lunar calendar that are based on changes in the position of the earth on the ecliptic (ie, the orbit of the earth's orbit around the sun), each of which corresponds to In the earth on the ecliptic every 15 to reach a certain position. Twenty-four solar terms are divided into 12 gas and 12 solar terms, one by one.
            Twenty-four solar terms are divided according to the position of the sun in the ecliptic (ie, the earth's orbit around the sun). As the sun from the vernal equinox (yellow by zero, at the moment the sun vertical irradiation equator) starting, each advance 15 degrees for a solar terms; run a week back to the vernal equinox, for a return year, 360 degrees, so divided into 24 solar precipitation phenomenon, Indicating the rainfall and snowfall time and intensity; white dew, cold dew, frost on the surface of the three solar terms reflect the condensation of water vapor, condensate phenomenon, but in essence reflects the gradual decline in the temperature of the process and extent: the temperature dropped to a certain extent, There is condensation phenomenon; the temperature continues to decline, not only increased condensation, and more and more cool; when the temperature dropped to below zero degrees Celsius, water condensate for cream.
     Xiaoman and Mang species reflect the maturity and harvest of crops; Jingzhe, Ching Ming reflects the phenomenon of natural phenology, especially Jingzhe, it is the beginning of the thunder and underground ding insects recovery, to indicate the return of spring.
     Twenty-four solar terms is the unique creation of Chinese calendar, thousands of years to promote the development of China's agriculture and animal husbandry played an important role. The name of the throttle first appeared in the Shang Dynasty, to the Western Han Dynasty twenty-four solar terms have been completed. With the Chinese calendar of the rumor, twenty-four air flow spread to the rest of the world.
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