Steel Mn13
Article:    Author:Susan Xu    View:2553     Time:2017-03-30
The characteristics of high manganese steel are two: 1.the greater the external impact, the higher the wear resistance of its own surface; 2.with the gradual wear of the surface hardened layer, the new processing hardening layer is continuously formed. The mn13 steel plate has excellent wear resistance performance of strong impact wear and greatest stress wear, it will not be broken in the use process, and has easy mechanical properties such as cutting, welding, bending. The traditional use of high chromium cast iron is only good wear resistance of moving wear. Mn13 rolling plate can effectively reduce the use cost of equipment vulnerable parts and save equipment maintenance costs, improve the competitiveness of finished products. Mn13 has other processing hardening characteristics that can not be replaced by other materials.
Mn13 surface of the steel plate surface to produce hardening, hardness rapidly increased to more than HB500, mn13 immediately produces a high wear surface layer. And the mn13 steel plate also retained the high impact toughness of austenite. Suitable for long time high impact material wear wear parts.Mn13 mechanical properties: yield: 400 tensile: 850 elongation: 30 initial hardness value:220HB.
Chemical constituents of mn13:C:0.90-1.20 Si:0.30-0.80 Mn:11.00-14.00 P:≤0.035 S:≤0.030
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