4340 vs 4140 alloy structure steel
Wholesale Die Steel Din 1.2344 Bars
Special Steel SUP10 Cold Drawn Steel Bar
Precision Steel M42 High Speed Steel Cutting Tool Bars
High Speed Steel M35 Steel Material Steel Bars
High Speed Steel M2 Cutting Tool Steel Round Bars
High Wear Resistant T1 High Speed Steel Round Bars
Excellent Toughness Spring Steel SUP7 Round Steel Bar
Strength of the company, while the factory for your service.
A comprehensive industrial company combines factory and logistics together for you.
Products made by Songshun are variety and cost-effective.
Specifications of the products are also completely, there are more than 200 kinds of specifications.
The products are all inexpensive products, just as directly sales by manufacturers.
Sufficient inventory can guarantee the limitation.
Daily stock can reach 10,000tons which can make sure to delivery as soon as possible.
High-quality service
A 7*27 service system can make it possible for us to help you to solve any problems no matter when you meet them.
We can offer the cutting business for you and try our best to make you satisfied.
Efficient Logistics & Distribution.
Efficient Logistics & Distribution can provide you a faster service by offering an around transportation and warehousing business, so you can trust us.
Dongwan Songshun Die & Steel Ltd., Co. is a mold steel supplier which is specialized in the well-known special mold steel’s sales, processing and logistics. The main products of the company are imported mold steels, cold-work die steels, hot-work die steels, plastic die steels, high-speed steels, carbon die steels and so on. The company has the abundant comprehensive strength, the excellent technical equipment and the complete ancillary facility and we can offer our customers a one package service combines the processing and the heat treatment of the light panel and the fine panel. We believe that innovation can make the technology better.     
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Honor and qualification
To the front
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Sufficient stock for die steels  carbon alloy steel, high-speed tool steel, spring steels, bearing steels and so on.
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